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Welcome to the extraordinary world of Lhouette's HYPER POP, where cutting-edge art and automotive excellence converge to create an unrivalled masterpiece. Renowned for his high-end and captivating art, Lhouette stands at the forefront of contemporary urban artists, pushing boundaries with his distinctive fusion of gritty street art and Warhol-esque pop culture iconography. In this groundbreaking collaboration with world-famous automotive and social media personality, Shmee150, Lhouette's artistic brilliance reaches new heights. Embrace the captivating fusion of luxury and creativity, as these two influential forces come together, igniting the imagination and leaving an indelible mark on the cultural landscape. Discover the artistry, passion, and exclusive insights behind this iconic collection and immerse yourself in the world of HYPER POP; experience art at its finest.

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Private Collections

As Lhouette’s primary representative, Wyecliffe Galleries has served clients reaching from the US to Hong Kong; displaying Lhouettes artwork in the homes of private collectors worldwide. Contact us to further discuss your requirements.