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Kerry Darlington Pre-Raphaelite

The Pre-Raphaelite Collection by artist Kerry Darlington is unique to the imaginative core, the Pre-Raphelite Brotherhood and their devotion to complexity, nature, beauty and truth are traits that are visually-depicted through Kerry's trademark raised 3D elements and gloss resin finish which have become popular in the eyes of collectors and their homes. Rejecting what they perceived to be the overly formal, mannered compositions of the Renaissance, the Pre-Raphaelite Collection includes paintings for sale like Bird of Hera, Romeo and Juliet, The Daughter of Gaia, Pandora's Box, Lady of Shalott, Shakura and Undine. 

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Exclusive Kerry Darlington Brochure

Kerry Darlington Lady of Shalott - Deluxe Edition $4,304

Exclusive Kerry Darlington Brochure

Kerry Darlington Young Pan - Unique Edition $857