Intertwined III - Original

• Artist: Robin Eckardt
• Medium: Original Mixed media with resin on Box Canvas 
• Image Size: 75.5 x 75.5 cm / 29.72" x 29.72"
• Frame Size: 84 x 84 cm / 33.07 " x 33.07"
• Frame: Dark brown wooden tray frame with gold inner slip
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• Full Certification & Documentation
• Can be hung vertically / horizontally
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An artist famous for her cutting-edge use of new media such as resin, metallic and luminescent pigments: Intertwined III is the culminating piece of this intricate series that encompasses layer after layer of Robin’s media options, put together on mixed media canvas.


When out of the studio, Robin gains inspiration walking the forests of her local Chiltern hills. It’s a hobby that’s reflected in her premier subject – the mysterious, tangled networks of tree branch silhouettes that run like jet-black seams through her canvases. Sometimes they are covered in a multitude of cherry blossoms, at other times accompanied by sparse flashes of golden autumn leaves: at others, eerie will-o-wisps.


Robin Eckardt is one of the best at using different elements to create disparate-looking layers, as though the elements were working on top of each other. Anyone who chooses to engage with Intertwined III, can very clearly tell what has been introduced from the first to the last component, the outcome of such a discovery brings a purposeful story into fruition, a step-by-step narrative that people can carve their own way through.


Robin’s touch with the natural environment is clearly defined in all editions of the Intertwined series, glances from the front can envision the deep woods with layer on layer strokes paving the way to create its density. Her other choices in media such as the attractive-looking, gold leaf resin, adds to the texture of the piece and vegetation on the trees.