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Wyecliffe Collectors

As a family business, trading for over 30 years; we're delighted to have formed a community of collectors and friends. A vibrant network of art-lovers; it's always an honour to be sent photos of our art proudly on display in our clients homes.


Over the years we've seen some beautiful interiors during our installations and home visits. It's always inspiring to see the ways art can be presented: the visual flourishes, the way works compliment a space and the bold display choices that put the finishing touch on a spectacular artwork.

In this client's living room, the magnificent wall-sculpture Rubikby Kerry Darlington is showcased to highlight its beautiful symmetry. Furniture, space and in particular, subtle use of down-lighters, combine to make this work a true feature.  


The chic, slightly 1960's hollywood aesthetic of this dining room is a remarkable setting for the Rozanne Bell peacock original. The painting's vivid, fun-loving qualities perfectly compliment the breezy decor and individualistic touches: such as the Coral Anthurium and telescope.


Framing is the essential finish to any artwork and a well matched frame not only enhances the painting but the entire mis-en-scene. Note how the ornate frame of Kerry Darlington's Undine beautifully accompanies the Baroque flourishes of this sitting room.



Discovering how our favourite pieces utterly compliment the decor of a collector's interior is incredibly rewarding and continuously reminds us of the potential and versatility of artwork. Here, the Kerry Darlington classics Celtic Twilight and Flying home pick up and reinforce the beautiful Farrow & Ball blue and aubergine backgrounds of this meticulously appointed home.


It isn't just the bricks and mortar - other accent colours picked out by accessories and prize possessions can interact in surprising ways... In this house, the exuberant animal characters on the sofa create the perfect counterpoint to the adventure of Ted and Doris playing out in the David Renshaw original behind them. Have fun experimenting with different possibilities! Much in the same way accessories can breathe new life into clothing outfits, so too can art reinvent a space.



With the unlimited creative possibilities of art, even the most distinctive and detailed decorative scheme can find a perfect compliment - just look at these gorgeous Kerry Darlington Unique Editions and how they expand the enchanted forest atmosphere of the wallpaper and toys on display.



A well chosen piece can set off even the smallest area without feeling cluttered - see how Princess and the Pea finds its perfect location.

Seeing our favourite originals in the environments they were made for - collector's homes - is an incredibly rewarding experience.


Open up your space and let in new environments and atmospheres for a change of mis-en-scene. One of my favourite things about this interior is the cosy ambience complete with wood fire and woven accessories: the Rozanne Bell original becomes almost a window overlooking the beautiful coastal landscape.


It's always immensely satisfying to see a collector establish their own favourite artist, genre or theme - this client (in Australia!) is chronicling the journey of David Renshaw's Ted and Doris with this carefully selected series. From Summer romances to raising a family; rain or shine.


Brilliant contemporary colours really pop against the clean white walls of a modern lifestyle home. Even the epitome of Victorian chic - Alice in Wonderland - looks completely at home in the distinctly 21st-century environs of this designer space.