Christmas Interiors

December 03, 2018

Christmas Interiors

New Artists - New Ideas

Welcome to Winter - a designer's dream with its cool, atmospheric ambiences and its appeal to interior lifestyles. This month we welcome Linda Charles to our galleries with her serene, elegant Dynasties portrait collection.

Commissioned Art

The relationship between artist and patron is a celebrated tradition since the time of the renaissance old masters. At Wyecliffe, we commission art to any specification - complementing homes and businesses of all designs and scale.
One of our great commissioning artists is Laura Beck with her expressive 'Prima Ballerina' figuratives and flowing, contemplative abstracts gracing designer homes worldwide.

The Return of Amylee

Famous for her sunny, Klimpt inspired neo-burlesque portraiture: Nimes-born artist Amylee also draws inspiration from a background in Paris interior-decor and Fashion agencies, resulting in a new collection of abstract floral paintings as sophisticated as they are beautiful. Particularly exciting touches include the exquisitely distressed gold leaf and multilayered patina technique.

Kerry Darlington Triumphs

Arguably the UK's most loved contemporary artist, Kerry Darlington held her annual Wyecliffe appearance this month - her most successful ever. As well as her celebrated fantasy and Pre-Raphaelite inspired works, she is also an innovative and inspired creator of designer abstract pieces such as the circular 'cosmos' abstracts in resin.

Art from the Ground Up

We invite you to contact us anytime for our extensive consultancy and approval services. We work with some of the world's most exciting designers architects and artists to integrate the perfect finish into your project.

Also in News

Introducing Richard  Knight - Wyecliffe's New Cityscape Artist
Introducing Richard Knight - Wyecliffe's New Cityscape Artist

September 12, 2019

Richard Knight loves to paint landscapes, cities and people, creating a record of places he has visited which inform his studio paintings. Richard uses the confusion of light and movement in each painting to create hazy impressions and using stencils he builds texture throughout his paintings, making each one entirely unique.

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Lhouette Returns to Wyecliffe - Personal Attendance
Lhouette Returns to Wyecliffe - Personal Attendance

September 05, 2019

An exclusive preview by one of the stars of contemporary art: Wyecliffe and Carbon invite you to the reveal of Lhouette's magnificent new collection.

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Paola Cassais - Celebrating Together
Paola Cassais - Celebrating Together

August 17, 2019

Meet one of our most impassioned and celebratory artists... With a strong belief in the power of art to confront and transform issues, Paola Cassais commitment to the environment and communities influences her artwork: creating beautiful landscapes and populations in pure colours, shapes and impasto figures.

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