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Contemporary International Cityscapes

Wyecliffe has always acknowledged the architectural presence and beauty of the capital cities of the world, alongside the talented artists few and far between who have carved out their own niches, our selective group of cityscape talent has been underlined by a habit of capturing the personality of these wonderful cities to create engaging artwork. Our Cityscape creators include Simon Wright, Joe Bowen, Paul Kenton, Andrew Grant Kurtis and Veronika Benoni.

Andrew Grant Kurtis Crack Of Dawn - Original $808
Richard Knight This is London - Original $4,466
Simon Wright La Tour Eiffel - Original $1,522

Exclusive Rozanne Bell Brochure

Rozanne Bell Cathedral Sunset - Original $1,361
Andrew Grant Kurtis Sundown On The Thames - Original $615
Andrew Grant Kurtis A Glimpse Of Tomorrow - Original $808