The Beauty of Visual Language

The Abstract Collection at Wyecliffe Galleries encompasses a range of different mediums, styles, textures as well as originals and boutique editions available. Artists from this portfolio include Scott Bauer, Patrice Erickson, Craig Foord, Kerry Darlington and Beatriz Elorza's floral-inspired abstract pieces.

Carla Raads Violet Glow - Original $1,095.00 USD
Kerry Darlington A Heart Full Of Love - Edition Sold
Ken Rausch The Ripple Effect - Original $2,512.00 USD
Craig Foord Crystalline - Original Sculpture $2,313.00 USD
Ken Rausch Nature's Waves - Original $2,384.00 USD
Craig Foord Harmony - Original Sculpture $2,313.00 USD
Mary Johnston Passing The Trees - Original $509.00 USD
Kerry Darlington Komarov - Original $7,723.00 USD
Laura Beck Pearl - Original $638.00 USD
Craig Foord Hope - Original $1,540.00 USD
Amylee Wallpapers - Original from $5,963.00 USD
Laura Beck Sunburst - Original $1,669.00 USD
Amylee P!nk Roses - Original from $3,942.00 USD
Mary Johnston Striations - Original $896.00 USD
Mary Johnston Pink in The Sky - Original $896.00 USD
Louise Schofield Serene - Original $1,012.00 USD
Allan Storer Spindrift Pages - Original $1,411.00 USD
Alex Echo Rainbow 13 - Original $2,442.00 USD
Mary Johnston Into the Pink Zone - Original $2,957.00 USD
Mary Johnston Purple Skies - Original $509.00 USD
Harriet Hoult Red Skies - Edition $645.00 USD