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We invite you to look behind the scenes, with the 'making of' David Renshaw’s first-ever virtual exhibition!
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David's first virtual exhibition, hosted by Wyecliffe Galleries on 24th September 2022. RSVP here to make sure you can attend!
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We have created a guide to the Contemporary Art Trends for 2022 to help enrich your understanding of the influences at play in the creative world for the year ahead. Explore art inspired by the ever increasing digital world, virtual environments and in contrast, the natural world that many of us crave.
For over 30 years we have helped thousands of art-lovers with the right artwork for them. We have created a curated selection of images sent to us by our happy customers, to inspire and give you an insight into how those around the world have enriched their homes with our art.
As the flagship gallery for artist David Renshaw, we are proud to showcase one of his most sought after series of artworks, the Spellbound collection, exclusive to Wyecliffe Galleries. Each piece has a touch of magic, with inspiration taken from the globally renowned literary world of Witchcraft and Wizardry. David has brought life to spectacular landscapes, along with the iconic wizarding school,
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A rare inclusion into David Renshaw's 'Northern Romance' collection this outstanding artwork is exclusive to Wyecliffe Galleries. Based off the iconic Beatles album 'Abbey Road' this piece shows how the band's message of love and unity influenced Renshaw's work. As the first artwork in 6 years to be set in London and only 35 edition made, this is an extraordinary piece to have in your collection.
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With the holiday season fast approaching, take advantage of all the art Wyecliffe has to offer and gift your family and friends with something extra special this Christmas.
Cityscape art is renowned for its dynamic aesthetic, where the global metropolis is frequently reborn with new facades and architectural structures – artists within the genre enjoy an evolving skyline and everlasting source of inspiration. From depicting the cities as they once were as well as reinventing their future, the talented painters within this genre reflect the distinctive personality of the urban landscape. Crafting the elegance of Parisian spires to bright lights of New York, Wyecliffe represents an portfolio of talent whose ambition is to interpret international destinations to craft engaging and illuminating art for your interior.
David Renshaw and the Wyecliffe Galleries would like to say a huge thank you to the inspirational workers in the NHS. David has created this amazing edition entitled 'A Heartfelt Thank You'. The edition is just £495 framed and full proceeds from every sale will go to the 'NHS Charities Together' registered charity. 
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As a family business, trading for over 30 years; we're delighted to have formed a community of collectors and friends with their beautifully-embellished homes.
Valentines at Wyecliffe is a time of looking back at our binding relationships with our devoted clients, aswell as talented artists putting down markers in their pronounced spaces.
Wyecliffe are extremely excited to announce the arrival of the next instalment within David’s collection – a bespoke unique release of only 25 limited artworks internationally “A New Adventure Begins”.
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Wyecliffe has a range of art for every budget, take advantage of our team's favourite artworks for under £600 which are not only affordable but great additions to your home.
As fans of Ted and Doris, we love our latest David Renshaw Boutique Edition, which steps back in time to where the famous 'Northern Romance' began... Our First Date.
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Wyecliffe Galleries is proud to have acquired the world's largest collection of David Renshaw sketches. In our exclusive article we examine these incredible originals and their unprecedented glimpse into this renowned artist's inspirations.
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