Free Gifts With Selected Artworks


Celebrating the cultural contributions of Wyecliffe’s leading female artists we present five contemporaries, whose creative practices and stories are nothing short of remarkable.
With the holiday season fast approaching, take advantage of all the art Wyecliffe has to offer and gift your family and friends with something extra special this Christmas.
With a wealth of visionary artists working within the abstract genre, collectors’ homes can benefit from the injection of bright colour and form, inspired by impressions of places, fleeting memories or the medium of paint itself - Wyecliffe Galleries offers a vast portfolio of original abstract art for sale, as well as brilliant limited-edition pieces.
Read the Highlights of a successful year at Wyecliffe Galleries - Roll on 2020!
Wyecliffe has a range of art for every budget, take advantage of our team's favourite artworks for under £600 which are not only affordable but great additions to your home.
Effervescent and atmospheric panels that take the viewer to dreamlike landscapes or rich atmospheric skies: the originals of Mary Johnston can be arranges in infinite ways for a dazzling range of design possibilities... Read our exclusive interview with this sunny and spirited artist... 
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