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Cityscape art is renowned for its dynamic aesthetic, where the global metropolis is frequently reborn with new facades and architectural structures – artists within the genre enjoy an evolving skyline and everlasting source of inspiration. From depicting the cities as they once were as well as reinventing their future, the talented painters within this genre reflect the distinctive personality of the urban landscape. Crafting the elegance of Parisian spires to bright lights of New York, Wyecliffe represents an portfolio of talent whose ambition is to interpret international destinations to craft engaging and illuminating art for your interior.
With a wealth of visionary artists working within the abstract genre, collectors’ homes can benefit from the injection of bright colour and form, inspired by impressions of places, fleeting memories or the medium of paint itself - Wyecliffe Galleries offers a vast portfolio of original abstract art for sale, as well as brilliant limited-edition pieces.
As a family business, trading for over 30 years; we're delighted to have formed a community of collectors and friends with their beautifully-embellished homes.
Cityscape art has always been in high-demand at Wyecliffe Galleries, communicating the beauty of the capital cities of the world has always been a priority for some of our talented artists.
Read the Highlights of a successful year at Wyecliffe Galleries - Roll on 2020!
The epic-scale and daring use of media has made Robin Eckardt one of Wyecliffe’s most influential and immediately recognisable talents. On a mild day in February, our intrepid Wyecliffe photographer Lucy set out to Buckinghamshire to record this enigmatic artist at her own studio
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Meet our Sales Coordinator at Wyecliffe Galleries - Rebecca Smith.
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Meet our Art Consultant at Wyecliffe Galleries - Darren Siah.
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Meet our In-House Photographer at Wyecliffe Galleries - Lucy Warburton.
Meet our Head of Sales - Katia Hickmer Dacey.
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Artists and their patrons have always had a rich relationship throughout history, so there's always an extra frisson of excitement when specially commissioned work arrives at our Weybridge gallery. 

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