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Immersing ourselves in the art world, Wyecliffe seeks to unearth the most inventive and avant-garde talent to compliment our portfolio of established artists. Connecting clients closely to the concept and making of their selected work, our goal is to help you build a rich and rewarding collection, that offers diversity and breadth in equal measure.
We have created a guide to the Contemporary Art Trends for 2022 to help enrich your understanding of the influences at play in the creative world for the year ahead. Explore art inspired by the ever increasing digital world, virtual environments and in contrast, the natural world that many of us crave.
Harnessing the sheer strength and natural order of the animal kingdom, Wyecliffe presents an extraordinary and diverse group of painters contributing to the contemporary wildlife art scene. With an endless reach, original paintings, limited editions and sculptures depict creatures from all four corners of the globe.
For Mother's Day we wanted to put together a well-thought collection of different artists and styles that would ultimately, act as the perfect gift for every mum.
It's rare in today's day and age to discover a truly unique artistic genre. Luckily for art-lovers worldwide, Michael Olsen has turned his love of nature and craftsmanship to the creation of utterly singular wall sculptures. Meet this distinctive artist and his butterfly sculptures: In our exclusive interview, Wyecliffe joins Michael Olsen for an insight into his meticulous technique.
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