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With a wealth of visionary artists working within the abstract genre, collectors’ homes can benefit from the injection of bright colour and form, inspired by impressions of places, fleeting memories or the medium of paint itself - Wyecliffe Galleries offers a vast portfolio of original abstract art for sale, as well as brilliant limited-edition pieces.
A thoughtful and quietly spoken artist, Scott Bauer’s polite manner is the perfect reflection of a series of accomplished original acrylic works with pristine painted stripes as their signature structure. A genre named by the artist as linear formalism, the term conjures thoughts of complex algebraic formulas, a mindset far away from the freedom of creative imagination. Using fragments of memory along with his perception of the world, the artist distills light and colour into stunningly rendered stripes. Waved, faded and pure, the outcome are pieces both calmly meditative and excitingly vivid. Wyecliffe Galleries are privileged to share an insight in to the mind of this emerging artist.
  • 8 min read
Abstract Art at Wyecliffe with a large emphasis of texture application and water colours, blending in with each other consistently and coherently. Artists include Scott Bauer and Beatriz Elorza.
  • 5 min read
Read the Highlights of a successful year at Wyecliffe Galleries - Roll on 2020!
Inspired by organic nature and linear formalism: we're very excited to welcome the bold, vivid ideas and pristine original canvases of our new artist Scott Bauer.
  • 3 min read